Review of the Hot Tools Flat Iron

When making the decision to invest in a flat iron, it is important that you choose the best one for both your budget and your hair styling needs. The best way to make sure that this happens is to do your research, comparing brands and models so that you can ensure that you make the right decision.

A Hot Tools straightener is great for someone who wants high quality on a budget. If you are looking for salon quality results but do not want to break the bank, this might be a good brand for you to look into. Read on to determine if a Hot Tools straightener could be right for you.      


Special Features of the Hot Tools Htbw 14

hottoolsflatironreviewIf you want a versatile flat iron that is great for every hair type while also being easy to use, the best make for you is the Hot Tools Htbw 14. A key feature of this product is that it uses very high quality ceramic plates while still keeping costs in check.

Ceramic plates are ideal for maintaining healthy hair quality even when you are using heated styling tools daily. It comes with infrared heating technology. This will heat hair from the inside out allowing it to retain moisture, preventing hair from looking dull, dry, and damaged.

Ceramic is also a very smooth surface, so it will prevent hair getting stuck from pulling, and also tearing. This will significantly reduce the amount of dead ends that can result from using a lower quality heated styling tool on your hair.

This hair straightener also comes with adjustable heat settings. This ensures that only the required amount of heat is used, so that you can prevent using excessive heat on your hair which can cause unnecessary damage. This makes it great for all hair types.


What makes it So Easy to Use?

Another good feature of the Hot Tools Htbw 14 flat iron is that it is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The problem with some high end hot irons is that they are extremely difficult to use, and you have to spend a lot of time learning how to use them properly. These straighteners are usually intended for professional hair stylists, and are not easy for the average person to master.

The Htbw 14 comes equipped with a ton of features that makes it extremely easy for a beginner to use. The first is the swivel cord, which prevents tangles. A common difficulty with using a flat iron is often that the cord is hard to maneuver, making it nearly impossible to straighten the back of your hair. The swivel cord that comes with the Htbw 14 makes it a very flexible hair straightener compared to other brands.

The Htbw 14 is also equipped with easy grip handles, which ensures that you will not have to experience the frustration that comes from the handles constantly slipping out of your hands. This also prevents burns that can result from using other straighteners.


Comparison to the Competition

hottoolshairstraightenerBefore deciding to invest in the Hot Tools Htbw 14, it is important that you compare it to the competition. The biggest competition for this particular straightener is the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium.

First, you should take price into consideration. If you are looking for the absolute highest quality hair straightener on the market at whatever cost, you should probably go with the Babyliss brand, which costs about $140.00. If, however, you are looking for relatively high quality on a budget, the Hot Tools brand, which goes for about $60.00, is probably best for you.

The warranty is also important to take into consideration when deciding between the two brands. Both straighteners come with a warranty, but with the Babyliss, you are covered for three years. With the warranty on the Hot Tools brand, you are covered for a year.

You should also consider which material you prefer to the plates to be constructed from. The Babyliss brand is made from titanium while the Hot Tools brand is made from ceramic. Both have pros and cons,and you should weigh them according to your individual needs. Titanium is by far the smoothest surface available for hot irons. If you are concerned with saving time by only having to run each section of hair through the straightener once then titanium is probably the best fit for you. If, however, you tend to have dry and frizzy hair, the infrared heat of the ceramic is probably what you are going to want to go with.


Things to Consider

The Hot Tools Htbw 14 is a great flat iron, but there are still things that you should consider before deciding to invest in one.

  • Although this product reduces the damage that can result from using heated styling tools, you should still use a heat protection product so that your hair can remain healthy even with constant use
  • Be very careful when you are using the product! Because it is able to get very hot, you can be severely burned if you don’t use caution
  • Be sure that you wipe down the plates of the hair straightener about once every ten uses. Buildup of product on the plates can decrease the performance of this product.