2014 Review of Chi Flat Irons – which model is best?

Applying direct heat to your hair is never a good thing for you hair’s health but you can mitigate potential risk by paying close attention to the type of tools you use in your hair. When buying a hair straightener for example, you want to ensure that you get one with a good plate. Ceramic and tourmaline are two of the best types of plates available on hair straighteners as they are gentle on the hair and generally last a long time. You should also look for hair straightening irons that reach desired temperature in a short amount of time and that come with heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.

The Chi Farouk straightening iron has most of the things that we look for in a good flat iron. Selling on eBay for $42 to $72, this hair comes with a ceramic plate that is great for giving smooth, bone straight hair when used. The ceramic plate will also prevent your hair from snagging on the equipment and will likely not chip like the cheaper irons with the painted on plates. Another great feature of the Farouk hair straightener is that it reaches its maximum heat very quickly, so you won’t have to sit around waiting for this flat iron to heat up.  The most noticeable shortcoming for this hair straightener is that it does not have a heat control setting. This means it has only one heat setting which may not necessarily suit all hair types.

Many people who have used the Chi flat iron agree that it works fast and leaves hair bone straight and silky smooth. They also report that the results last all day and there is no snagging or tugging on the hair due to its ceramic plate. Some of the negatives that have been reported by users of this product are that it doesn’t have a heat controller and it doesn’t have an automatic turn-off feature. Also, some people think it is a little bit too pricey while others think it’s not durable.



Another popular hair straightener is the Izunami KTX 450. Selling for anywhere between $51 and $180 on Amazon, the KTX 450 straightener is more expensive than the Chi. While the Chi straightener has a ceramic plate the Izunami KTX 450 straightener has titanium plates. Titanium plates like the ceramic plates are able to heat up evenly and maintain a constant flow of heat. Some of the features of the Izunami KTX 450 flat iron are:

  1. Flash heating: this allows the iron to reach your desired heat in the shortest possible time. Chi also has a technology that causes the iron to reach its maximum heat in a very short time.
  2. Independent Temperature Control: This feature causes both plates to maintain your desired temperature without getting overheated
  3. Temperature Dial: This allows the user to adjust heat to suit their need. This is not a feature that is associated with the Chi flat iron.

After evaluating the features of both the KTX 450 straightener and Farouk straightener, the KTX450 seems to surpass the Farouk in terms of the features that it has available. The most noticeable advantage is that the Izunami has a temperature dial, which gives the user greater control over the amount of heat they want to apply to their hair. This is huge plus because different hair types will require different levels of heat. On the other hand, Chi users and Izunami users alike report having great results when they use these products as far as how straight and smooth their hair is. If I had to rate one over the other I’d say the Izunami is the better product because of the temperature dial but the Chi is not a bad buy at a cheaper price than the Izunami.

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