Review of the Best Curling Wands (Irons) 2014

There are several different curling wands available on the market today, each brand claiming to be better than the next. This can obviously lead consumers to be a little bit confused when deciding what to purchase. Below are some of the curling irons available and the pros and cons associated with them.

Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium 1 Inch ConiCurl Iron

conicurlHairstyling is now a breeze with the new Babyliss Conicurl Curl Iron. Gone are the days that one would need to buy several different curling wands for different styling needs.The Babyliss Conicurl Curl iron is conically shaped to allow for styling versatility. The wider part at the handle is designed to create those bigger curls and the bottom, narrower part of the curler is designed for smaller and tighter curls. This also allows for the ability to work with smalleror larger hair portions to suit the type. These irons are strong and create beautiful curls due to the Sol-Gel Nano Titanium technology.

  • Barrel is tappered for styling versatility
  • Ceramic barrel is coated with Sol-Gel nano titanium
  • 50 heat setting variations – with a max of 450°F for absolute styling control
  • Turbo Heat button quickly increases heat
  • 8-foot swivel cord designed to avoid tangles
  • Sol-Gel Technology
  • ultra-high heat is resisted using  Ryton® housing

Even though this curling iron is used by professionals, anyone can use it. The Babyliss is extremely user-friendly and beginner-friendly. It is designed to be lighter and slimmer than other irons to allow for more handling ease. Nobody has time to waste when they have to be somewhere and look good too, and so the Babyliss is able to be heated in under 30 seconds. What’s more, the curls hold for hours so no touch ups are necessary.

The BaByliss is suitable for all hair types and length. Those with longer and thicker hair will benefit from the extra long rod which means the iron covers more surface area while styling.

The titanium barrel is smoother than the traditional ceramic barrels and gives you a smoother finish without damaging your hair. This iron can be used daily without the extra styling time and without the damage that other irons would cost you.

Users of the Babyliss Conicurl Iron report that they found this iron to be more effective than other hair irons in styling the more challenging hair types. Positive reviews were received from women with various hair types such as those with thicker, longer, and stubborn hair to those who have the straighter hair type (usually people from Asian descent)that is naturally straighter and more difficult to curl. They all concluded that the Babyliss is more effective than most other curlers they had previously, while providing much less styling hassle.

Whether you style your hair daily and need an iron that is quick and easy to use or whether you want to add pizzazz to your hair for that special occasion, the Babyliss Conicurl is a worthwhile investment for achieving that post hair-salon look without the hair-salon price and time.

The curling iron is cone shaped and therefore lends itself to diversity. The larger part of the curling wand can be used to achieve looser curls, while the smaller section at the tip is ideal for tighter, smaller curls. Different looks may also be achieved by varying the amount of hair placed on the wand.

The advantages:

  • One of the great things about this device is that it has a barrel which is constructed from a material called nano-titanium. This material offers a smoother finish than ceramic does and is therefore great for helping the hair to maintain moisture as well as creating natural looking, bouncy curls.
  • It reaches the desired heat within thirty seconds and maintains that temperature for up to a maximum of four hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Most new users achieve mastery of this device in no time.
  • It offers quick curls even for thicker hair types.

The disadvantages:

  • A word of caution: The heat while styling can burn your skin if you are not careful. It will be wise to invest in some heat resistant gloves. These are unfortunately not included with the Babyliss Conicurl Iron but can be purchased separately.

The Remington T-Studio Ceramic Curling Wand

remingtoncurlingThis curling wand boasts a ceramic coating, which helps to distribute heat and also ensures that the required temperature is maintained evenly throughout the wand in order to avoid hotspots. The Remington T-Studio Ceramic Curling Wand features a heat control, which ranges from two hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit to four hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a digital display plus a temperature lock, which allows users to lock in the temperature they want so that it doesn’t change while the device is being used.


  • It achieves the desired heat very quickly.
  • The smoothness of the wand allows for easy use and protects against hair snagging on the device.
  • This curling wand is tapered and therefore helps to create curls that look natural.



  • It may require some practice for people who are more accustomed to the clamp-type curling wands
  • This device burns easily due to its exposed wand; so it is best to use the protective gloves that are included
  • Some users find that this is a lot easier and much safer to use on someone else’s hair, rather than their own
  • It is not good for use on young children

Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron

Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron

The Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron is an awesome way to add curls, waves or just some volume to your hair. It features The Patented Pulse Technology which detects when heat is being lost from the device and restores it. Additionally, this curler  boasts a twenty-four karat gold-plated barrel, which quickly distributes heat and aids in heat recovery.


  • The smooth barrel creates smooth curls.
  • It is able to reach high temperatures in sixty seconds, which is great for very thick hair types.
  • It features temperature memory, which means it will maintain the desired temperature setting.
  • It is an ideal weight and therefore will not be too heavy to use.


  • There is hardly a noticeable difference in the light which indicates if the device is on or off
  • This device does not feature an automatic “off” setting
  • It is slightly cumbersome to use




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