Review of the Best BaByliss Flat Iron Hair Straightener


Do you want salon quality hair every day without having to shell out the money to visit a salon regularly? What if you could achieve those same high quality styles that you get at the salon from the comfort of your own home? Believe it or not, this is possible with the new generation of hair straighteners for home use. It is now officially possible to get salon quality hairstyles without breaking the bank!


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One of the best things about this straightener is that it is effective on almost any hair type. It is extremely effective at eliminating frizz and is also effective on thick, coarse hair. Unlike some other straighteners, it will not fry fine hair due to the manner in which heat is dissipated in this particular model . In a nutshell, this BaByliss straightener will probably leave your hair straighter, smoother, and healthier than most competing at home DIY products.

How does the Pro Nano feel and look like in real life?

As mentioned earlier, the advantage of the BaBybliss Pro Nano Titanium Sraightener is that it minimizes the risk of hair damage. The problem with most heated styling products is that when you use them to control and style frizzy, damaged hair – they end up making your hair even more frizzy and damaged. It is the most common problem that frustrates many people who attempt hair straightening at home! The secret behind the efficacy of this product is that it is made with titanium plates. Titanium is the smoothest possible surfaces that a flat iron can be made with. This will ensure that your hair is not tugged or ripped out while using this straightener, and also prevent your ends from being damaged when using it. Because the titanium is so smooth, hair will glide right though the plates with ease and will not get caught. This also ensures that you only have to run each section of hair through the straightener once. Less contact with the heated plates means less potential damage to your hair.   

Special Features of the Product

You might be wondering what else sets the BaBy Bliss Pro Nano Titanium  apart from other similar products. One benefit I appreciate a lot is that it can actually cut the time that it takes you to straighten your hair by half. The first reason for this is that it heats up more quickly than most other straighteners on the market. It can reach full heat in under 30 seconds. This will save you the time that you would have to spend waiting for the straightener to heat up if you were using a different product. The second reason that it will save you so much time is that it gets hotter than most other flat irons on the market. It reaches heats of 450F, hot enough to administer an at home keratin treatment, which allows it to straighten hair 40% faster than other straighteners. You also do not have to worry that you will spend money on a product that will end up breaking after a year or two like some flat irons tend to do, as this product comes backed by a 4 year warranty.  

What do Others Have to Say about the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium?

babyliss-nano-titanium-flat-iron-reviewsTo get a better sample of what other users feel about this straightener, I scoured the web for reviews. A large majority of the testimonials were positive. Most of the negatives are due to technical faults with the device, but it appears that the warranty provided solved most of the issues eventually. Read what these real customers have to say about the BaByliss Pro Nano (these are actual reviews edited for spelling and length, but not the content). If you have used this straightener personally, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page too!

“I suffer from wild, frizzy and curly hair and have tried all sorts of flat irons. For me, this is the best hair straightener available. From heating up to running through each handful of hair, it only takes approximately a minute. The results are great – smooth and frizz free hair that is straight as a board!”

– K. Fambrough, South Carolina ( verified customer)

“I was using a Chi ceramic straightener, and I couldn’t figure out why I never could make my hair as soft as smooth as my hair stylist did. Well, I upgraded to the Nano Titanium and now I can absolutely achieve hair salon style results with my thick, medium textured hair. What a difference! I’m not sure if its the 450 degree heat or the titanium plates that does the trick, but this device is worth every cent!”

– Pink Pear ( verified customer)


What Else You Need to Know Before Using the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 

Even though the Pro Nano Titanium is one of the best in its category, there are still some things you need to take note of before using it:

  • Ensure that you are only using the heat necessary for your hair type. Although this product is great for any type of hair, you should be sure that if you have fine hair you are not using the full heat that is available. This hair straightener allows you to adjust the heat so that you are only using what is necessary.
  • Be sure that you are using this straightener with a heat styling spray or gel. This will provide extra protection for your hair, ensuring that it remains healthy while using heated styling tools on it.
  • Because this product is able to generate so much heat, be sure that you are very careful and do not touch the heated plates and burn yourself on them.
  • Be sure that you do not leave this product plugged in after use. When you have finished using it, it is important that you turn it off and unplug it, allowing it to cool down. This is important for safety reasons, and also prolongs the life of the flat iron.

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