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Top Titanium Hair Straighteners of 2014

Top Ceramic Hair Straighteners of 2014


OR read on for my top 3 flat iron picks. These are the 2 straighteners you should definitely consider if quality and a peace of mind about any adverse effects on your hair are what’s important to you.


1. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

The Pro Nano Titanium is the flagship flatiron produced by BaByliss. This model is designed for frequent use and requires almost no learning curve, which explains its extreme popularity with consumers. That said, this hair straightener is a very high quality one that is also used by many professional salons.

If you were to ask your hair stylist for recommendations on hair straightening irons for home use, chances are that the Pro Nano will be his/her reply. Why? Simply because the Pro Nano strikes the perfect balance among many attributes including being budget friendly, ‘layperson safe’, while delivering high quality that minimizes the potential for hair damage. This is why I’d recommend this straightener to anyone thinking of DIY home straightening.


2. Izunami Ktx450

Made in the United States, the Ktx450 is a ‘hidden gem’ among high end straighteners. The Izunami brand is certainly less well-known than BaByliss or Chi, but ask any hair stylist and they will attest to the quality of this brand and especially the Ktx450. In fact, this flat iron is better known in professional hair stylist circles than among consumers.


What impresses me about this straightener is how fast it heats up, and how fast the temperature changes on command. The excellent temperature control really helps ensure that the right heat level is delivered and prevents hair damage. This, coupled with the very wide iron plates, make this a truly ‘one-pass’ straightening iron. Even with such advanced control features, it remains very ‘no-frills’ and friendly to the layperson. If you have the extra budget to spare, this is certainly the straightener to go for.

3. Brazilian Heat Titanium

We checked this flatiron out after reading Essence Magazine’s rave review on it. Because of it’s name (and the association with Brazilian Keratin Straightening), we were initially skeptical whether it would work well as a regular straightener, as Brazilian Blowouts typically operate on higher heat settings, not to mention the additional chemical treatment required.
Well, surprise, surprise! It does work very well as a DIY hair straightener. In fact, after reading its description carefully again, we realize this straightener is touted as keratin safe rather than a specialized keratin treatment device. What we love about this device is how smooth it pulls through your hair and also its 360 degree swivel cord (seems like a trivial feature but if you’ve ever got your hands or hair tangled up in the midst of straightening, you’d wish you had this!!).
The only word of caution is this device seems to deliver more heat than other straighteners on similar temperature settings. So we’d advise you to use the lower heat settings first and only ramp it up if you think it’s not sufficient. Fortunately, the device also has a digital temperature lock to prevent you from accidental turning up the temperature and frying your hair. All in all, this is a good entry level titanium straightener that offers great value for the money


* The Brazilian Heat is currently on offer and retails below $70 for a limited period. Check out the link above for details


1 Minute Primer on Hair Straightening Irons

Broadly speaking, hair straightening irons can be divided into two types – those that use titanium plates and those that use ceramic plates. Titanium is generally considered the best possible material for straightening iron plates as it is extremely smooth and minimizes the chances of your hair getting caught and damaged as you slide the straightener through it. Most hair salons use titanium irons.

That said, ceramic is also a very good material for hair straighteners and some of the highest quality ceramic straighteners can match ones made of titanium. The advantage of ceramic plates over titanium ones is that they usually cost less. However, this is becoming somewhat less important lately as the cost of titanium flat irons have dropped quite significantly even though they definitely still command a premium. If you are not looking to perform hair straightening very frequently or even looking at a ‘one-off’ use, then you may want to consider cheaper ceramic irons as investing in more expensive straighteners may not make sense in these cases


If budget and value are what’s more important for you, the following ceramic straighteners may fit your needs:


OR Watch a video on how to choose a good hair straightening iron: